Take part in the offshore wind sector

Bringing individual worlds together can often create a more beautiful whole. Here at Northsea WindHub, we combine commercial activities, knowledge development and training in wind energy. This allows us to partake in the offshore wind sector in the Northern Netherlands. We are ready for entrepeneurs, knowledge developers and training institutes who provide each other with further assistance.


The value of wind

The Dutch view of energy generation and consumption is changing. Wind energy is of major value for the future of industry, the population, and education. Sustainable commitments are therefore important, as these enable us to continue to generate and use green energy.


Operations & Maintenance

Northsea WindHub is able to accommodate around 30 wind companies, but not just in the form of office space. For teams that carry out construction and maintenance work on wind parks at sea, the site serves as an operating base. Bringing these companies together was a strategic choice, made with cultivating international visibility in mind.
Companies are bringing their services to people’s attention throughout the Northern Netherlands, strengthening one another and thereby the regional economy. This also gives start-ups from the MOI Eemsdelta community access to a major and relevant wind network.


Innovations & Testing

We develop and test innovations here. Direct communication between students and researchers on the one hand, and companies on the other hand, is essential for bringing together the worlds of implementation and development.
Companies are sharing their requirements in relation to innovation with knowledge developers. In turn, these knowledge and educational institutions obtain direct feedback from the workplace.


Education & Training

The offshore wind sector is a specialized sector. Every day, professionals work with advanced technology in places that pose major safety risks. Guaranteeing safety is therefore essential for being able to do work at sea, at great heights, or vast depths.
Northsea WindHub’s site has extensive training facilities for dry and wet training sessions. These training sessions are characterized by quality and safety. All technology is up to date and certificates are relevant and current. Training institutions ensure that staff are able to work safely and securely. Connections with other parties in the hub ensure that the training companies are fast and flexible.


Modular design:
one hub, three wings

The facades of the Windhub building are inspired by the wind and offshore industry. It marries the raw industrial side with the green innovations currently transpiring in the industry. The hexagonal shape is a blend of industry and nature itself, it can be found in natural crystalline structures, but also in the molecular structures of industrial produced materials.


Why Northsea WindHub?

The existence of a central spot for companies, knowledge development, and training in the wind sector, makes the offshore wind market in the Northern Netherlands accessible. On the border between land and sea operations, innovation and education were together given the scope to strengthen one another.

The aim is to gather together a large, flexible, motivated group of specialists in the region, so that we are able to guarantee sufficient technical specialists in the long term.


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