Take part in the offshore wind sector!

Bringing individual worlds together can often create a more beautiful whole. Here at Northsea WindHub, we combine commercial activities, knowledge development and training in wind energy. This allows us to partake in the offshore wind sector in the Northern Netherlands. We are ready for entrepeneurs, knowledge developers and training institutes who provide each other with further assistance.


The value of wind

The Dutch view of energy generation and consumption is changing. Wind energy is of major value for the future of industry, the population, and education. Sustainable commitments are therefore important, as these enable us to continue to generate and use green energy.


Why Northsea WindHub?

If the Northern Netherlands is to retain its leading role in the energy transition, we must seize all available opportunities for attracting major wind energy projects and for increasing employment. A platform that links activity, knowledge development, education and innovation will result in a win-win situation.

This will enable Northsea WindHub to bundle the potential of the North and make it even greater through mutual collaboration.


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