Our vision

Why Northsea WindHub?

If the Northern Netherlands is to retain its leading role in the energy transition, we must seize all available opportunities for attracting major wind energy projects and for increasing employment. A platform that links activity, knowledge development, education and innovation will result in a win-win situation.

This will enable Northsea WindHub to bundle the potential of the North and make it even greater through mutual collaboration.

Offshore Wind Turbine in a Windfarm under construction  off the English Coast, North Sea
Offshore wind power and energy farm with many wind turbines on the ocean. Sustainable electricity production

About us

Strength through collaboration

Where land meets sea, Northsea WindHub brings together people and initiatives in the wind energy sector. The center of all sustainable activity in and around the wind sector in the Northern Netherlands is the versatile Northsea WindHub building. Here, Northsea WindHub links three disciplines that will only form a genuinely strong concept if they are combined: Operations and Maintenance, Innovation and Testing, and Education and Training.

An active collaboration among major wind energy projects, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), educational institutions, science, and practical experience power the entire North — and that’s what it’s all about at Northsea WindHub.

Strength Together

Connection to existing initiatives

Northsea Windhub fits in well with existing initiatives such as OWIC, NNOW and EnTranCe.
What distinguishes us above all is the physical location in Eemshaven, and the practical focus of the activities in the building: the execution of offshore wind projects, training people, testing innovations, receiving and involving interested parties and bringing these parts into contact with each other. All focused on the practice of offshore wind.


Connect with us!

30+ companies

Approximately thirty companies working in the wind sector are located in the WindHub working together closely

Innovation & testing

New innovations are being developed and tested in the Offshore Wind Innovation and Testing Centre

Training location

A variety of technical training courses and courses in order to be able to work safely in the offshore wind industry

Network function

Physical facility for cooperation between companies and educational institutions

Regional importance

Connecting offshore wind industry with the public. Ensuring access to information about the industry & employment opportunities

Energy transition

Attention to the offshore wind energy sector and close sectors such as onshore wind, solar and hydrogen