For the public

There is a lot going on in Eemshaven and the importance for the region is developing over time.
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Working is offshore wind is a challenging and adventurous job, making it possible to make green energy available for the public. If you are interested in working in offshore wind, please contact Snel Uitzendbureau.

Energy port
Around a third of all the energy that is produced in the Netherlands comes from Eemshaven. With an installed capacity of 8,000 MW Eemshaven is an energy port of note.

Major energy producers have invested billions of Euros in new power stations; an oil terminal was built; Google is constructing an immense data centre; and Eemshaven houses the largest wind park on land in the Netherlands. The port also plays a prominent role in the development of wind parks at sea during their construction and the subsequent maintenance of the wind turbines.

Deepwater port
With a draught of 14 metres, Eemshaven is a deepwater port.
There is more than 5 kilometres of quay distributed over 4 basins. Eemshaven has multimodal access and with quays as well as a public roro facilities, ramps, a jetty and various logistics service providers it has all the facilities for transhipping goods.

Facts & figures

  • Transhipment 6,806,759 tonnes (2019)
  • Surface area: 1,319 hectares
  • Available: 302 hectares
  • Quay length: 5,120 metres
  • Draught: 14 metres
  • 1/3 of total Dutch energy production

Source: Groningen Seaports

If you would like to learn more about the Eemshaven please take a look at the website from Groningen Seaport or download the Port Handbook (in Dutch) here.

For (potential) investors

As a investors you might be curious to the plans and possibilities. We outlined some questions below.
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