Derk Battjes


  • +31 6 44407787

Personal experience

Derk started climbing at the age of 14 in 1995 and never quite. Being as much in the mountains as possible for many years, while performing more and more ‘jobs’ in ropes at heights since 2002 and during the study years (communications & journalism) and afterwards, he discovered the Working at
heights and Rope Access business. After some years of international work in line with his studies, for NGO’s as a communications officer and teacher, he chose for a different approach and started a rope access company in 2010: Rope Access Noord.

Since he made it a BV (Ltd) in 2017 the company experienced some major developments until now and still. He loves the offshore wind business since he first experienced it in 2012, and sees many opportunities for this business to further develop. His company works in the offshore wind sector and loves it. He has a vision of the Groningen / Eemshaven region to work closer together and be more visible as a perfectly organized workforce for the wind business above this coast in the Dutch and German Northsea.

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